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2013-14 Delta Homeward givers

These Delta brothers have contributed to get Delta to 1st place heading into the last week of OC's Homeward Club Competition. THANK YOU to those on this list. If you are not yet on this list, please go to and make a contribution in ANY AMOUNT to go towards the Delta endowed scholarship and to help Delta become OC's 1st Homeward Club Champion.

** This list is no longer complete. I will update in the next few days as I get final info on who gave to Delta Homeward. Thank you to all of you who 'counted' for Delta in this competition. You and your continued involvement in ways like this are why Delta continues to succeed where so many others have failed. We are strong in ways those outside will never understand. We know it and they keep finding out.

Strength through Unity, Dependability, and Pride.

2013-14 funded gifts
Sheldon Adkins '88
Rick Alderson '81
Mike Arnold '77
James Baird '92
Russ Bartee '76
Andy Benton '74
Ronald Berges '81
Darren Bond '83
Alfred Branch '84
Clay Bryant '06
Thomas Burkhard '85
Gavan Byrd '03
Travis Campbell '04
Mike Carroll '75
Marc Compton '86
Rance Davis '91
Todd Dobson '85
Scot Eckhart '84
Jeff Eggleston '86
Jim Eggleston '77
Nelson Eubank '87
Brent Ford '94
Joel Forhan '90
Matt Gambill '99
Matt Gayle '94
Stuart Graham '86
Chris Haworth '91
Brent Heath '98
Matthew Helm '09
Aaron Henley '93
Mike Herndon '80
J Huser '83
Philip Klutts '06
Kevin Lawrence '01
Rick Lawson '91
Dewey Leggett '86
Daryl Lidia '85
Jeff McCormack '83
Jeff McMillon '87
Rusty Middleton '79
Chris Mosley '87
Ryan Nelson '01
Ted Norton '84
Tim Osborne '83
David Payne '80
Greg Poland '78
Neil Roberts '99
Geoffery Rowe '02
Chris Shanks '87
Caleb Shough '12
Mark Stansberry '77
Sean Stegmann '90
Jay Tabor '86
Mark Thomas '81
Barrett Vanlandingham '87
Brady Walcott '93
Heath Wiederstein '97
Chris Adair '97
Henson Adams '11
Larry Adams '03
Mack Almendarez '92
Marc Arledge '94
Jimmy Arter '97
Brad Avey '81
Charles Baldwin '07
Trey Baring '12
Stan Bedford '86
Nathan Bell '74
Steve Bivins '97
Damon Blythe '93
Mike Bosley '95
John Branam '73
Lee Branch '14
Joshua Brooks '08
Josh Brookshire '99
Gary Bruce '74
Daniel Bryant '05
Jesse Bryant '07
Christopher Bunch '10
Geoffrey Burns '07
Dillon Byrd '13
David Cady '91
Michael Clark '00
Thomas Clay '03
Landon Cobb '05
Johnny Cromling '93
Craig Davis '96
Jason Davis '98
Tom Denton '81
Matt Dowell '93
Stephen Drew '09
John Edmunson '91
Bob Elliott '80
Todd Foxx '91
Jason Francis '95
Jerry Freed '95
Lane Gilbert '00
Kyle Granger '00
Heath Griffin '06
Jeff Harris '80
Mark Harvill '89
Matt Harvill '86
Brian Haynes '90
Chris Hearn '07
Jonathan Hendricks '03
Nathan Hoog '88
Michael Horton '93
Jeff Hyatt '89
Brandon Jackson '12
Parker Jaynes '13
Brett Johnson '01
Craig Jones '85
Rick Judd '99
Kyle Lankford '99
Daniel Lauer '11
John Leland '99
Jerry Lewis '89
Jay Lollar '94
Aaron Loney '01
Jordan Loney '07
Regan Marshall '81
Tracy Marshall '13
Chris Minor '97
Matthew Mishio '97
Jim Murray '90
Brad Myers '01
Nate Myers '97
Gary Noske '77
Mike Osburn '90
Cameron Pace '11
Leo Panchuck '03
Leo Parker '11
Adam Parkhurst '07
Joshua Pearman '00
Dennis Qualls '92
Christopher Rampey '01
Aaron Reagan '13
Rollo Redburn '75
Brent Reed '09
Sherman Reed '80
Greg Reiter '86
Paul Rowland '95
Aaron Sayles '97
Brent Scott '92
Ronnie Sharp '08
Steve Shoemaker '00
Brett Shreck '92
Garrick Shreck '94
Bryce Shropshire '12
Joshua Sloan '06
Christopher Smith '01
Adam Snapp '11
Scott Stafford '94
Tracey Talley '91
Zack Tallon '10
Kyle Tefft '09
Joe Thomas '78
James Thompson '92
Eric Thornhill '97
Curtis Townsend '97
Rusty Tugman '94
Eric Urbach '96
Howard Vanover '87
Clint Vaughn '00
Derek Viljoen '08
Matt Walker '94
Colton Watkins '12
Barry Watson '99
Matthew Watson '06
Ryan Weddle '12
Austin White '01
Dylan White '14
Jacob White '12
Matt Winton '96
Brad Witherspoon '06
Danny Wright '80
Chris Young '01
Daylen Zaldivar '14

Tom Fultz
Jeff Haworth
Mike Kerlick
Curtis Pratt
Noah Roberts

Guys who were not in Delta or did not finish in Delta but counted for us anyway, and I'm not correcting anyone about it till next week!
Jeff Walker '78
Chance Vanover '01
Brian Bachman '08
Jeremy Jacoby '05

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2013 Delta Alumni Homecoming Breakfast. Sat. Nov. 9th. 8am. SAKUP!

Delta Homecoming Breakfast 2013 is upon us. Bob & Kathy Elliott will once again host which means outstanding food and early morning November swimming if you bring your suit. 

SAKUP and SHOWUP for Delta Alumni Breakfast 2013. 

2001 MorningStar in Faircloud neighborhood in Edmond. Just off Danforth between Bryant and Coltrane.  

Comment below if you will be there and I will add you to the list. Comment below with names and emails of anyone from your era who does not get this email.



Jimmy Arter '98
Chris Adair '97
Mike Osburn '90
Robert Elliott '80
John Alexander '08
Noah Roberts '91
Carl Bishop '83
Ex Prez Jacob White '12
Mark Stansberry '77
Brad Witherspoon '06
Jeff Hyatt '89
Ex Prez Brad Avey '81
Matt Burnett '06
Tracy Marshall '13
KC Thomas '09
Barrett Vanlandingham '87
Rick Judd '99
Brad Myers '01
Dr. J. Huser '83
Nate Myers '97
Tom Denton '81
Ex Prez Matt Winton '96
Ex Prez Alfred Branch '84
Regan Marshall '81
Ex Prez Jeff McCormack '83
Lane Gilbert '00
Curtis Townsend '98
Zack Tallon '10
Ron Sharp '08
Josh Pearman '00
Joe Thomas '78
Chris Rampey '01
Wayne Russell '88
Eric Guillory '10
Ryan Weddle '12
Kyle Conner '11
Adam Snapp '11
Jeffrey Lippincott '07
Ex Prez Chase Phillips '11

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flickr photo albums from Delta 40th celebration

Friday, April 12, 2013

Delta 40th is ONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

The 40th Anniversary Celebration is upon us! Thanks to those who are headed this way and to those who gave it an effort. We heard from a ton of you who couldn’t make it this weekend but touched base to say thanks. This is going to be a good one!

Few quick details below:


First, be sure and save our phone numbers in case you need them this weekend. Read to the end and they are there.


FAMILY COOKOUT is Friday night at 6:30 PM at Lawson Commons. For you guys who haven’t been on campus for years, Lawson Commons is located on the north side of the student center. There is a full map of OC attached as a separate page to this email.

We’ve got food, Delta cake, and OC President John deSteiguer and his wife Darla joining us for the evening. We’ll also have a few soccer balls and stuff for the kids to kick/throw around.

DELTA GOLF TOURNEY is an 8:32 AM shotgun start at Silverhorn Golf Club. Be sure to wear you some fancified golf attire and get there about 45 minutes early to be ready. You will be getting some cool swag!

Silverhorn Golf Club

11411 N. Kelley Ave., Oklahoma City, OK

(405) 752-1811

 40TH ANNIVERSAY CELEBRATION DINNER is at 7:00 PM Saturday night at the Quail Creek Golf and Country Club. Pay attention here – the group pic will take place soon after 7:00, so you don’t want to be late.


Dress for the dinner is business casual. Nice denim jeans and a collared shirt will also suffice. We’ve got a solid program ready and the sacrificial bull is… Never mind, just show up Saturday night to find out.


Quail Creek Golf & Country Club

3501 Quail Creek Road, Oklahoma City, OK

For the grand finale we’ve got Delta Worship on Sunday morning at 9:00 AM. This is a great way to close the weekend. We’ll be back on the campus of OC in Scott Chapel, which is the building you see directly in front of you just to the north of the pond when you enter OC from the south entrance. Scott Chapel is on the 2nd floor Or you can check the OC map.

Alumni Rick Odell ’84 and Jeff McMillon ‘87 will be leading us. What a powerful way to end the weekend by coming together with our families to worship the God who brought us all together to begin with. Hope you’ll all make a good effort to be there. You will be out in time to make it to late service at one of the local churches if you want to go twice.

So, that is it. The guys who have spent a lot of time and effort again say thanks to all of you who have assisted, funded, registered and contacted us. Crazy to think that some guys got together in 1972 to have a little fun and now, 40 years later the camaraderie is still going.

Whether you are flying, driving or walking, have safe travels and we’ll see you this weekend.

Strength through Unity, Dependability and Pride

Eugene Howland ‘90         Chris Adair ‘97           Mike Osburn ‘90

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Delta 40th commitment list

Here's a list of guys who have gone to and signed their national letter of intent to attend the Delta 40th by completing registration and payment. YOUR NAME NEEDS TO BE ON THIS LIST!!! #StaffordNorthSaysBeThere

Chester Knight '73 (Founding member, 1st Delta Prez)
Albert McCutcheon '73 (Founding member)
Tom Fultz '73 (Founding member)
Max Schardein '73 (Founding member)
Mike Carroll '75 (Founding member)
Wes Sander '73 (Founding member)
Greg Poland '78
Robert Elliott '79
Joe Thomas '79
Sherman Reed '80
David Payne '80
Brad Avey '81 (Delta Prez)
Mark Thomas '81
Tom Denton '81
Paul Woodward '82
Dr. Brad Robison (Pops)
Jeff McCormack '83 (Delta Prez)
J. Huser '83
Alfred Branch '84 (Delta Prez)
Ted Norton '84
Steve McCormack '84
Rick Odell '84
Ronnie Bates '84
Mike Sellers '84
Scot Eckhart '84
Tom Hird '84 (Delta Prez)
Boyd Hale '85 (Delta Prez)
Tom Burkhard '85
Todd Dobson '85
Daryl Lidia '85
Matt Harvill '86
Jeff Eggleston '86
Greg Reiter '86
Todd Mead '87 (Delta Prez)
Jeff McMillon '87
Jeff Guthrie '87
Ryan Stratton '88
Wayne Russell '88
Sheldon Adkins '88
Nathan Hoog '88
Allan Stanglin '89 (Delta Prez)
Jeff Hyatt '89
Mike Osburn '90
Eugene Howland '90
Mark Harvill '90
Dave Butts '90
Mike McBride '90
Sean Stegmann '90
Darrin Carpenter '90
John Young '90
Paul Russell '90
Brian Haynes '90
David Bates '90
Scott Williams '91
Rick Lawson '91
Chris Haworth '91
Brent Scott '92
Mack Almendarez '92
James Baird '92
Geitzy Lee '92
Russ Lobaugh '92
Phillip Maple '93 (Delta Prez)
Matt Dowell '93 (Delta Prez)
Johnny Cromling '93
Damon Blythe '93
Clay McDonald '94 (Delta Prez)
David Brown '94
Pat Adams '94
Garrick Shreck '94
Marc Arledge '94
Jay Lollar '94
Scott Stafford '94
Matt Gayle '94
Larry Huling '94
Jason Francis '95
Brandon Schneider '95
Matt Winton '96 (Delta Prez)
Craig Davis '96
Eric Urbach '96
Matt Mishio '96
Chris Adair '97
Curt Coffman '97
Nate Myers '97
Steve Bivins '97
Heath Wiederstein '97
Brent Heath '98 (Delta Prez)
Jimmy Arter '98
Willie Mosley '98
Ronnie Taylor '98
Jason Davis '98
Rick Judd '99
Wyatt Jones '99
Kyle Lankford '99 (Delta Prez)
Matt Gambill '99
Steve Shoemaker '00 (Delta Prez)
Josh Brookshire '00 (Delta Prez)
Josh Pearman '00
Ryan Witherspoon '00
Kyle Granger '00
Michael Clark '00
Chris Young '00
Ryan Nelson '01
Austin White '01
Brad Myers '01
Chris Smith '01
Gavan Byrd '03 (Delta Prez)
Landon Cobb '05 (Delta Prez)
Josh Sloan '06 (Delta Prez)
Brad Witherspoon '06
Heath Griffin '06
Allen Little '06
Matt Burnett '06
Kelley Dittmeyer '07 (Delta Prez)
Jesse Bryant '07 (Delta Prez)
Adam Parkhurst '07
John Alexander '07
Clint Skelton '08
Ron Sharp '08
Cody Woodward '09 (2nd gen)
KC Thomas '09
Brent Reed '09 (2nd gen)
Chase Phillips '10 (Delta Prez)
Zack Tallon '10 (2nd gen)
Marshall Huser '10 (2nd gen)
Brady Dittmeyer '10
Ian O'Daniel '10
Henson Adams '11
Adam Snapp '11
Cameron Pace '11
Jacob White '12 (Delta Prez)
Brandon Jackson '12
Bryce Shropshire '12
Ryan Weddle '12
Joel Jackson (2nd gen)
Lee Branch (Delta Prez & 2nd gen)
Parker Jaynes
Tracy Marshall (2nd gen)
Cooper Denton (2nd gen)
Adam Doyle
Blain Elliott
Brandon Hargrove
Brandon McBeth
Bryston Gallegos
Caleb Bills
Colton McMahan
Dillon Byrd
Jeff McClelen
Josh Roche
Lincoln Dutcher
Zach Trout
Preston Spicer

Get your name on this list. It's gonna be 40 years of the greatest alumni the OC campus ever saw!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Delta lists by year (what I have anyway)

These lists are not complete or completely accurate as far as names or name spellings. I'll continue adding years to this but I wanted to get started. You may find some names you recognize and never knew were Delta.

Please email me at if you know of people who should be included for a particular year. Also, if someone transferred out of Delta. I'd rather not have the guys who left our club. Contact me with any questions. Adair '93-97

I'm putting asterisks * by the ones I have contact info for. That way, you guys can help me find the ones I have no contact info on. Thanks.

*Tom Fultz- Treasurer
*Russ Bartee- Secretary
*Albert McCutcheon- Chaplain
*Chester Knight- President
*Joe Stephens- VP
*Greg Poland
*Mike Carroll
Charlie Parks
Wayne Smith
Steve Chapman
*Dana Baker
*Max Schardein
Royce Bilbrey
Keith Smith
Hank Stackhouse
Joe Gray- deceased
*Allan Chesshir
*Jerry Phelps
Russ Francis
Don Adams
*Bruce Holt
*Andy Benton
*Larry Cornelison
Max Pierce- deceased
*John Branam

Kim McCoy
Gary Utley
*Danny Rollo Redburn
*Dana Baker
Randy Riebe
Royce Bilbrey
David Pulley
*Guy Ramsey
*Jerry Phelps
Joe Gray- deceased
Randy Istre
Mark Bulla- could be Mike Ellerbe who is deceased. There's some major typos in the old yearbooks
*Milton Barker
Dana Cozort- deceased
Don Coffman
Don Adams
Don Elzie
Don Higgins
Rick Bachmann
Tim Alambar
*Gary Bruce
*Rusty Bartee
*Ron Verner
Randy Voight
Wayne Smith

*Greg Poland- AD
*Dana Baker- President
*Jim Eggleston- Secretary
Randy Riebe- Historian
*Jerry Phelps- Treasurer
*Mike Carroll- VP
Keith Greene- deceased
*Mark Jackson
Laverne Bell
Lewis Satterfield
Tim Alambar
Rick Bachmann
*Milton Barker
Rusty Barkley
*Brian Bruner
John Butcher
Dana Cozort- deceased
*Mike Cherry
Mark Elliot
Phil Eaker
*Jeff Harris
*Mike Kumor
Jim Lewis
Mike Louge
Pat Marino
*Guy Ramsey
Charles Rust
Scott Sherrod
David Thomas
*Doug Wood
Randy Voss
*Lane Boyter
Jerry Simmons
Gary Utley
Jon House

*Jeff Harris- Treasurer
Scott Sherrod- VP
*Mark Jackson- AD
Dave Thomas- Secretary
*Doug Wood- President
Don Goode
*Gary Noske
Mark Couch
*Mike Surber
Terry Hart
Craig Davis
*Milton Barker
*Gary Goeppinger
*Jerry Atwell
*Lane Boyter
Jim Lewis
*Kris White
Charles Rust
*Mike Kumor
*Mark Stansberry

*Mark Jackson
Charles Rust
*Doug Wood
*Lane Boyter
David Thomas
Lee Goats- deceased
Dennis Groden- deceased
*Kevin Kell
*Mike Arnold
Dana Cozort- deceased
*Sherman Reed
*Mike Herndon
Bruce Tallon- deceased
Larry Hayes
*Gary Goeppinger
Dean Cornelius
*Kevin Hixson
Wes Arnold
*Don Rummell
Steve Casteel
Gary Spencer
*Joe Thomas
*Larry Patterson
Alen Wood
Jeff Wallace
*Gary Noske
*Kris White
*Lloyd Tinsley

David Thomas
*Mark Jackson
*Mike Arnold
*Larry Patterson
*Dan Branch
Rusty Middleton
Mike Kinnard
*Don Rummel
Kirk Greenwood
*Jeff Price
*Mark Bowers
Richard Ellis
*Danny Wright
*Joe Thomas
*Paul Barnhill
*Brad Avey
*Derryl Morgan
*David Bequette
*Bob Chappell
*Lloyd Tinsley
*Jeff Harris
*Tobin Reid
*Bob Elliott
Steve Strong
Kirk Scroggins

*Brad Avey
*Larry Patterson
*Jeff Harris
*Dan Branch
*David Payne
*Bob Elliott
*Paul Barnhill
Lee Goats- deceased
*Sherman Reed
*Joe Thomas
*Danny Wright
*Mike Kerlick
Bruce Tallon- deceased
John Reid
*Scott Steward
*Mark Bowers
Tim Winkler
*Mark Thomas
*Tom Denton
*Steve Wright
Phil Jackson
*Rick Alderson
Tony Owen
*Jeff Price
*Darrell Crawford
Jimmy Lewis
Jimmy Webb
Richard Ellis
Alan Guinn
Steve Harris
*Steve Swan
*Steve Hassman
*David Bequette
*Kris White
Andy Griffin
Rick Borges
Jay Johnson
*Paul Woodward
*Kent King
Ron Langton
David George
Wayne Smith
*Mark Hendry
Rusty Middleton
Burl Butler
Keith Shimel
*Reagan Marshall
Martin Wilsox
*Ken Walker

*Brad Avey
*Rick Alderson
*David Payne
*Sherman Reed
*Bobby Chappell
*Mike Kerlick
Rett Tiedtke
*Jeff McCormack
Dale Rains
Rick Borges
Clint Montgomery
Alan Guinn
*Scott Steward
Terry Shuman
Ted Burns
*Tom Denton
Scott Kinnard
*John Huser
Scott Sadler
David George
*Steve Wright
Chris Barnhill
*David Bequette
*Ron Berges
*Steve Pope
Phil Jackson
*Danny Secrest
Danny Nieto
*Tobin Reid

Alan Guinn
*Mark Bowers
*Mark Thomas
*Jeff McCormack
*Kent King
*David Bequette
*Paul Woodward
*Ronnie Bates
*Steve Pope
Mike Combs
*Rick Alderson
*J. Huser
*Alfred Branch
*Brad Avey
Rich Brock
*Ted Norton
Scott Sadler
Scott Owen
*Ron Berges

Ron Langton
*Steve Pope
Lee Goats- deceased
*Alan Cook
Scott May
Tom Goode
Tom Hird
*Steve Gordon
*Boyd Hale
Steve Harris
*J. Huser
*Dave Wasserstrom
*Jeff McCormack
*Donnie Watkins
Alan Guinn
Greg Day
Grant Williams
*Todd Dobson
*Andy Carpenter
*Mark Neill
*Tim Austin
*Steve McCormack
*Jeff Dooley
*Frank Champion
*Ted Norton
*Daryl Lidia

*Alfred Branch
Ronnie Langton
Tom Hird
Godwin Odun
*Steve McCormack
*Matt Harvill
*Todd Dobson
*Bruce Maxwell
*Ronnie Bates
*Darren Bond
*Tom Burkhard
*Donnie Watkins
*Ted Norton
John Hedges
*Boyd Hale
*Mark Neill
*Scott Samuels
*Wesley Wilcox
*Glenn Story
*Daryl Lidia
*John Warren
Kendall Bohannon
David Reeves
*Andy Carpenter
*Alan Cook
*Jeff Dooley
Darryl Payne

1984- this may be officers only
*Scot Eckhart
Brad Riffel
*Marc Gaither
*Brian Thacker
Tom Hird
*Todd Dobson
*Scott Steward
*Alfred Branch
*Ted Norton
Kimball Snyder
Tim McCormack
*Tom Burkhard

*Todd Dobson
Tom Hird
*Lynn Brantley
*Donnie Watkins
*Boyd Hale
Kendall Bohannon
*Matt Harvill
Craig Jones
*Tom Burkhard
*Daryl Lidia
*Robert Heyen
*Steve Todd Davis
*Ryan Stratton
*Darren Jones
Jack Rucker
Teddy Booker
Brad Thomas
*Wayne Russell
Dan Anderson
*Jay Dills
*Sheldon Adkins
Deric Hall
Mike Davis
Nathan Hogue
*Mark Siracusa
Larry Williams
*Greg Reiter
*Chris Mosley
*Don Lidia
*Dewey Leggett
*Darren Hiatt
*Jeff McMillon
*Brian Thacker
Kimball Snyder
*Troy Phillips
*Todd Mead
Terry Hamm- deceased
Roy Kimrey
*Jay Tabor
*Danny Hamil
*Alan Henley
Joel Elliott
*Jeff Guthrie
Drew Perry
Jeff Van Dyke
Chris Austin
*Wes Wilcox
Brandon Boswell
*Dwain Crabtree
Kevin Elmore
*Scott Stewart
*Scott Samuels
Richard Huff- deceased

*Todd Mead
*Dewey Leggett
Brandon Boswell
*Wes Wilcox
*Greg Reiter
*Monte Harvill
*Jeff Guthrie
*Chris Shanks
*Tom Everett
*Jeff McMillon
*Don Lidia
*Wayne Russell
*Barrett VanLandingham
*Marc Compton
*Darin Hiatt
*Stan Bedford
*Chris Mosley
*Alan Henley
*Nelson Eubank
*Stuart Graham
*Jeff Eggleston
Donnie Anderson
*Steve Lakey
*Sheldon Adkins
Todd Johnson
Frankie Henderson
*Mike Marshall
*Jeff Lemon
*Mike Taylor
*Kent Samuels
*Paul Kusler
*Trent Guinn
*Darrin Carpenter
*Mark Hendry
*Kelly Coday
*Mark Harvill
Wade Daniels
Teddy Booker
*Joel Forhan
*Todd Davis
*Jeff Hiatt
*Allan Stanglin
*Jeff Bryant
*Scott Eggleston
*Doug Hooten
Jeff Scott

1987- officers only names in yearbook
*Jerry Lewis- President
*Jeff Bryant- VP
*Jeff Hyatt- Secretary
Kenny Miller- Treasurer
*Joel Forhan- AD
*Tom Everett- Historian

More coming soon

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Delta Homecoming Breakfast, Nov. 3rd @ Bob Elliott's NEW house

Delta Homecoming Breakfast is Saturday, November 3rd at 8am. It will be held again in the home of Bob Elliott '80 but BOB HAS MOVED! The new address is 2001 Morningstar in the Faircloud addition in north Edmond. Faircloud is on the north side of Danforth between Bryant and Coltrane. More info will be posted as it draws closer. SAKUP!

This is the 40th year! Announcements will be made at the breakfast about our 40th celebration in the spring and the 1st to ever receive the Delta scholarship. DON'T MISS THIS!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Delta Golf Classic 2012

The 2012 Delta Golf Classic will be played on Saturday, April 21st, 2012 at Silverhorn Golf Club in OKC. Shotgun start at 8am with lunch and prizes following the round of golf.

Cost is $75 per player and it is a 4 man scramble format. Proceeds from this tournament are split between the Delta scholarship at OC and Lariat Creek Christian Camp. 2012 will be the first year the Delta scholarship will be awarded.

We look forward to seeing all of you at this year's Delta Golf Classic. Next year at this time, we will be celebrating Delta's 40th anniversary. Strength through Unity, Dependability, and Pride. BROTHERS!

Friday, February 10, 2012

copy of email sent today in case you did not receive it

if you did not get this email, please send me your current email address. my email is

Delta Brethren,

One of my brothers gently reminded me not everyone is on Facebook, which is where I have been posting most of my updates so please forgive the late notice on some of this info. I’ll take this moment to encourage any FB resisters to consider opening an account and joining the Delta group to be kept up to date on all that’s going on with our brothers. If you can’t bring yourself to do that, I’ll continue to send emails and post to the blog ( when I can.

Ryan Stratton ’88 is hospitalized in Bartlesville with congenital heart failure. He went in with a case of pneumonia and they found severe blockages and a faulty mitral valve. He will have open heart surgery at St. John in Tulsa Monday. I do not have the time. I just spoke to Ryan and he will post it to his Facebook page when he finds out.

Since I don’t send out so many emails anymore, I’m going to cover several things. The 2012 Delta Golf Classic will be held at Silverhorn Golf Club in OKC on Saturday, April 21, 2012. Cost is $75 per player and it’s a 4 man scramble as always. I will send more info including registration and payment info shortly. I will also post that info to the blog as well as Facebook. If you are on Facebook, there is an event page set up for this year’s golf tourney.

Delta’s 40th anniversary is just around the corner. Delta began during the 1972-73 school year and we will celebrate Delta’s 40th in spring 2013. An alumni committee is currently being organized by Eugene Howland ’90 to plan this big event. If you would like to be involved, please contact Eug at Make plans to be in OKC around April 2013 for Delta’s 40th!

Several more things since some of you not on FB may have missed. Delta Ex Prez Phillip Maple ’93 donated a kidney to his father Mike Maple a few months ago. Phillip has recovered nicely but Mike still needs prayers as his body continues to heal. Dave Butts (85-90) is awaiting a kidney transplant. He was set to have this done and it fell thru so he is awaiting an available kidney. Darren ‘Keymaster’ Carpenter ’90 is the very recent recipient of a new kidney donated by his wife Karen. They are both recovering well. I know this seems like a strange series of events and its entirely possible that Diet Skipper is to blame. Please keep these families and brothers in your thoughts and prayers.

Leon McDonald, father of Delta Ex Prez Clay McDonald ’94 & Ryan McDonald ’00 has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and will begin chemotherapy shortly to reduce the tumor so he is a candidate for surgery. Ian O’Daniel’s ‘11 mother has multiple myeloma and is having treatment for that. Several of our brothers are on the hunt for jobs.

I know we could have never imagined an email like this when we were rollin in maroon & gold back in the day, but we are definitely a band of brothers and will suffer with each other as we rejoice with each other. Strength thru Unity, Dependability, and Pride means as much now as it ever has. BROTHERS!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Prayers needed

Several prayer requests-

Delta dad Mike Maple had surgery this week to deal with issues which have arisen following his kidney transplant and affecting his recovery. Phillip says the surgery went well. Please pray for Mike's continued recovery.

Delta alum Ian O'Daniel's '10 mother has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer and is currently at OU Med Center as she begins chemo treatment.

Delta legend Dave Butts '85-90 has had a setback and his kidney transplant will be delayed. That is all the info I have currently on Dave but I will post more when I get it. At this time, I will spare y'all the cringe-inducing photo Dave recently posted to his FB page. You may go to Dave's personal FB page if you really want to see it, but if you value your eyesight and dislike the taste of stomach acid in the back of your throat, I'd avoid it.

Guys, we also have several brothers currently looking for jobs. Keep this in your thoughts and prayers as well. For those of you who use Linked IN, we have a Delta group set up there which allows you to see what companies and industries your Delta bros are working in. If you're looking for a job, you can post something to the Delta Linked In page and if anyone knows of opportunities which could benefit you or fit your experience, I encourage y'all to share these with each other and with the group.


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

2011 Delta Homecoming Breakfast. Sat. Nov. 5th @ Elliotts

Our annual Delta Homecoming Breakfast will be this Saturday, November 5th from 8-10am at Bob Elliott's. Bob's address is 3508 Rena Dawn Ln. Edmond. We'll get a group pic around 9:15am so please stick around for that. You can see photos of last year's breakfast by clicking the 'Delta Homecoming 2010' link on the right side of this page.


Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Delta alum Allan Stanglin '89 new pulpit minister at Central in Amarillo

Our brother Allan Stanglin '89 is now pulpit minister at Central Church of Christ in Amarillo. Here is a link to an Amarillo newpaper article about Allan, his ministry, and his years in sports talk radio. This photo is Allan's daughters dressed up during first week of high school this year for 'frat day.' Allan's Delta gear has definitely stood the test of time.

This is a link to Allan's blog which is outstanding.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 Delta Club Night Speech

Here is a link to this year's club night speech by Delta Prez Jacob White, long lost relation to Reverend Brown from Coming to America.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Delta alum Vince Miller '97 authors new book, The Generous Life

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Prayers for family of Delta Ex Prez Doug Wood '78

Please keep the family of Doug and Terry Wood in your prayers as they are grieving the loss of their 28 year old daughter Beth due to complications from diabetes. Doug was President of Delta and graduated OC in 1978.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Two Delta alumni and one Delta dad named to OC Presidential Search Committee

Here is a link to the online story. Delta alumni Eugene Howland '90 and Mark Stansberry '77 as well as Delta dad Ray Vaughn will be involved in the interview and selection process of OC's next president.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

2011 Delta Golf Classic another HUGE SUCCESS!

This year's Delta Classic at Coffee Creek GC was a huge success. If you weren't there, QUIT MISSING IT! We had 80 players, mostly Delta alumni and their families. We had at least two teams with Delta fathers and sons as well as a team of Delta's founding members including Delta's 1st President, Chester Knight. Here are the pics. Click on the pics to enlarge for better viewing.